What is a Construction Phase Plan?

Under the Construction (Design & Management) Regulations (CDM 2015) the principal contractor has to produce a construction phase plan outlining the key arrangements to ensure that the work is carried out safely.

The HSE guidance outlines 3 key points to focus on when preparing the construction phase plan, these are to plan and organise the job, and work together with others involved to make sure that the work is carried out without risks to health and safety, which will also assist in compiling with CDM 2015.

If you are working for a domestic client, then the plan does not need to be complicated, a simple construction phase plan prepared prior to the works commencing will usually suffice and show that you have thought about health & safety.

If the works need to be notified to the HSE (last longer than 500 person days or 30 working days with more than 20 people working at the same time) then the construction phase plan would need to be more in depth.

construction phase plan
construction phase plan – the key to safety on site

CDM Regulations 2015 and The Construction Phase Plan

The CDM Regulations now apply to all (including domestic) building and construction work, including new build, refurbishment, repairs and maintenance

The client should not allow work to start on site until there is an adequate plan in place.

The principal contractor is required to ensure that a suitable construction phase plan (‘the plan’) is:

(i) prepared before construction work begins,

(ii) developed in discussion with, and communicated to, contractors affected by it,

(iii) implemented, and

(iv) kept up to date as the project progresses;

A generic plan will not satisfy the requirements of CDM 2015. The plan must also be tailored to the project

For preparation of your plan, wether it be advice or completing the plan on your behalf, contact us.

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