What is a CDM Advisor?

What is a CDM Advisor?

As CDM Advisor we have the experience and knowledge to provide guidance and support for Clients and Principal Designers under the new CDM Regulations 2015.

As your CDM advisor we will ensure that you stay compliant and undertake vital duties on your behalf with relation to documentation, F10 submission and monitoring the arrangements throughout the project.

what is a cdm advisor
what is a cdm advisor

What are my Duties as a client under CDM 2015

Check competence and resources of all appointees

Ensure there are suitable management arrangements for the project including welfare facilities, also

Allow sufficient time and resources for all stages

Provide pre-construction information to designers and contractors

Appoint a principal designer

Appoint a principal contractor

Make sure that the construction phase does not start unless there are suitable:

– welfare facilities, and in addition to
– construction phase plan in place

Provide information relating to the health and safety file to the principal designer

Retain and provide access to the health and safety file

Our CDM Advisor and CDM Consultant Service

At LHT health and safety our CDM Advisors are highly experienced, having worked on numerous projects including retail, health and education.

We are also qualified to degree level, and are members of the Association of Project Safety (APS), and are on the APS register of CDM coordinators / Advisors (IMaPs).

Furthermore we also hold NEBOSH qualifications, this is backed up by our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme.

As your CDM Advisor we can assist with the following:

Advise and assist the Client, Principal Designers and Principal Contractors with their duties

Also assist with Notifying the HSE

Co-ordinate health and safety aspects of design work and also co-operate with others involved with the project

Facilitate good communication between client, also designers and contractors

Liaise with the principal contractor regarding ongoing design

Identify, collect and pass on pre-construction information

Prepare/update health and safety file

Our CDM Advisor Fees

Give us a call or drop us an email and give us a brief outline of the project and we will return a quote outlining our fees within 24hrs.

We find our CDM Advisor Fees for our CDM Advisory and CDM Consultant services to be amongst the most competitive in the industry, as a result many of our clients comment on our excellent value for money and most of all our excellent level of service.