Risk Assessment

What are the legal requirements?

It is a legal requirement for organisations with 5 or more staff to carry out documented health and safety risk assessments of all of their significant hazards.

The Health and Safety Executive guidance advocates a 5 step approach to risk assessments

1. Identify the hazards present (a hazard is anything with the potential to cause harm).

2. Identify the people at risk from the hazards e.g. employees, contractors, visitors etc. Particularly vulnerable employees should also be considered e.g. young people and new/expectant mothers.

3. Evaluate the risk, taking into account the likelihood and severity of any accidents. Existing controls in place should be identified and evaluated.

4. Record the findings on a suitable form.

5. Review the risk assessment regularly.

All hazards need to be considered in risk assessments. A hazard is anything with the potential to cause harm. A risk is the likelihood that someone could be harmed by a hazard, together with an indication of how serious the harm could be.

Hazards that require specific risk assessments

It is a legal requirement to carry out a fire risk assessment on all non domestic buildings.

Manual handling requires a specific manual handling risk assessment to be carried out.

All computer users should have a display screen equipment risk assessment carried out (DSE risk assessment).

Hazardous substances require a COSHH risk assessment.

Our Risk Assessment Service

We can carry out the risk assessments for your organisation, or carry out an assessment of your risk assessments you already have in place and make any recommendations necessary.

If you can carry out the risk assessment process yourself we can supply templated forms to assist you in the process.

We also include the risk assessment service as part of our business support packages.

What to do next?

Whatever your requirements, contact us for an informal discussion or drop us an email. It might be you just require advice and recommendation on your own risk assessments or require the risk assessments to be produced for you.

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