Our operation maintenance manuals service

At LHT health and safety we produce operation maintenance manuals for numerous clients in a standard easy to use recognisable format.

Most clients opt for our standard format, however we can also produce O&M manuals to your own bespoke and branding requirements.

Once all the information is collated and put into a manual format this can be issued as:

A paper copy

A CD / DVD copy

Published online

Majority of clients now opt for either the online facility or the CD / DVD copy

Want more information

Download our O&M manual information sheet

What will the cost be?

Give us a call or send an email outlining your requirements. We will email back a quote within 24hrs.

What we can say is numerous clients and contractors have been very pleased with our service and commented on an excellent value for money service.

Why is a digital copy the preferred option?

We find that a digital copy is easier to distribute to those that need the O&M manual, easier and quicker to find the information in the manual and much easier to copy.

Can we still request a paper copy?

Yes of course, many people don’t like reading documents on a screen we can therefore produce a hard copy if required.

When is the best time to get us involved?

Ideally if we can be appointed at the start of a project, the format of the O&M manual can be agreed and the information can be collated as the project progresses. This makes the whole process much easier.

When are the O&M manuals normally ready for issue?

We aim to issue the O&M manuals at the project handover usually fully complete apart from some test and commissioning sheets. Draft O&M manuals can be issued at an early stage if the consultants or CDM Coordinator request.

What does the file contain?

Mechanical and Electrical O&M manual information
Structural O&M manual information
Building or Architectural O&M information
Any information relevant for the health and safety file
Testing and commissioning sheets