Method Statements, safe systems of work

Method Statements

Method statements are a key safety document that takes the information about significant risks from your risk assessment, and combines them with the job specification, to produce a practical and safe working method for the workers to follow on site.

A method statement should also detail how other risks should be eliminated or controlled, such as when working at height. Also a method statement should also be concise, easy to read and job/site specific.

Why it is important to produce Method Statements

This is an essential live document for the workers to use on site. They are relying on you to create a safe working method.

A method statement has an additional role in providing information to an Enforcement Officer/Inspector about the nature of the job and how well it has been planned.

How we can Help

We can assist you in producing a method statement for your organisation. Contact us by phone or email and will discuss your requirements and advise on what is the best and most economical course of action required for your business.

We are fully experienced at producing method statements and have helped numerous organisations through the process.